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DePauw and Harvard Cited Together in Story on Stiffer High School Standards

April 29, 2002

April 29, 2002, Greencastle, Ind. - A school board in suburban Indianapolis has a plan to adopt a uniform grading scale for its high schools, one that was adopted after consultation with a handful of universities. "The [Lawrence Township school] district sent questionnaires to admission officials from DePauw, Harvard, Indiana, Notre Dame, Rose-Hulman, Wabash and West Point, asking them to rank the most important issues they consider when choosing students for admission," wrote Josh Duke in the Indianapolis Star. "Every school listed strength of curriculum as the No. 1 criteria ... Only DePauw and Harvard ranked grade-point average and class rank, two issues that could be affected by the new grading scale, near the top of the list."

Some parents worry the new scale will lead to grade deflation, and could hurt their children's abilities to get scholarships and admission at top starlogocolleges.

You can read the entire story online at the Star's web site by clicking here.