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Prof. Paul Watt Receives Research Grant from Japan Foundation of New York

April 18, 2005

April 18, 2005, Greencastle, Ind. - Paul B. Watt, professor and director of Asian Studies at DePauw University, has received a grant from the Japan Foundation of New York to support a short-term research project. Dr. Watt's project is entitled: "Yasuda Rijin and the Modern Restatement of the True Pure Land Buddhism." The grant will support intensive research in May and June of 2005 in Otani University in Kyoto, Japan that will enable the professor to complete revisions of a book-length manuscript currently titled "Demythologizing Pure Land Buddhism: Yasuda Rijin (1900-1982) and the Modern Restatement of Shin Buddhism."

Yasuda Rijin, a 20th century Buddhist philosopher, studied and taught at Otani. Dr. Watt spent his sabbatical year (2003-04) as a visiting professor at Otani University. Read more in this previous story.