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New York's Newsday Quotes Prof. Jeff McCall '76 in Article Examining Public's Furor Over Gas Prices

May 9, 2006

Jeff McCall 2006.jpgMay 9, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - A Newsday story analyzing the commotion over rising gasoline prices quotes a DePauw University professor and alumnus. The New York newspaper's Daniel Wagner weighs today's situation against the gas crisis of the 1970s, and asserts, "Long Islanders and experts say today's complaints pale in comparison to the rage and panic that took hold when local gas stations started running out and motorists lined up before dawn."

Later, the piece continues, "'This is not to say that it isn't a crunch and people aren't inconvenienced, but if the price of broccoli had gone up in a similar fashion, there wouldn't be the same carrying on that we see now,' said Jeffrey McCall, a communications professor at DePauw University, in Greencastle, Ind., who attributed some of the furor to the media. McCall said price anxieties have been stoked by television reports, which have 'turned up the heat and the emotion on this quote-unquote crisis by overcovering it, by trying to inject emotion into the issue. The mentality of the consumers has been outrage against politicians, oil companies, the guy that runs the corner gas mccall oreilly may 2006.jpgstation,' McCall said. In the 1970s, he said, 'people felt like as a nation we need to work on this.'"

Read the complete article at the newspaper's Web site.

One week ago, Jeff McCall -- a 1976 graduate of DePauw -- contributed an op-ed to the Indianapolis Star on the media's coverage of the gasoline issue. Read more here. That same evening (May 2), he appeared on television's O'Reilly Factor to discuss coverage of the drug case involving Rush Limbaugh. A story that includes video clips from the FOX News program can be accessed by clicking here.

Source: Newsday