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Chuck Shroyer '58 Authors Coaching a Wing-T Based Multiple Offense

July 14, 2006

Chuck Shroyer Book.jpgJuly 14, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - Coaching a Wing-T Based Multiple Offense, by 1958 DePauw University graduate Chuck Shroyer, has been published by Coaches Choice. A former football coach with more than 35 years of experience, Shroyer provides readers with "a detailed explanation of why and how to implement and coach a wing-T based multiple offensive system," according to a synopsis of the book.

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Shroyer earned an economics degree from DePauw, an M.B.A. from Ball State University, and two engineering degrees. Now retired, he worked at 3M for more than 37 years and coached football at a variety of levels in his free time.