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American Heart Association National Chair Andy Buroker '84 Asks, "What Are the Chances?"

October 17, 2006

Andy BurokerOctober 17, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - "Andy Buroker's been around -- as an aide on Capitol Hill, a partner in the Krieg DeVault law firm, a chairman of the American Heart Association -- so he's not easily wowed," notes John Ketzenberger in his Indianapolis Star business column today. "But on Sept. 29, it's safe to say he was plenty impressed. There he was in Merrill Lynch's 33rd-floor executive dining room looking over lower Manhattan. So it's all fancy-schmancy, but that's not what impressed. When he looked at the other two guests, top executives at the United Way of America and the American Cancer Society, it dawned on him: 'We're all Hoosiers.'"

The text continues, "That's right, the top officers at three of the country's most venerable charities are Hoosiers. Besides Buroker, a DePauw University grad, the guest list included John Seffrin, CEO of the Cancer Society, and Brian Gallagher, CEO heart association logo.gifof the United Way's national organization.

A 1984 graduate of DePauw, Buroker tells the newspaper, "I thought it was pretty cool. I thought, 'What are the chances?'"

Access the column online by clicking here. Read more about Andrew B. Buroker, national chair of the American Heart Association in this previous story.