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Indiana FSSA Chief Mitch Roob '83 Making Headlines with Plan to Privatize Programs

December 3, 2006

mitch roob.jpgDecember 3, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - "Mitch Roob, secretary of the state's Family and Socials Services Administration, was one happy man Wednesday as [Indiana Governor Mitch] Daniels announced plans to move forward with a $1.16 billion, Roob-backed plan to privatize intake functions for many state welfare programs," reports today's Indianapolis Star. A 1983 graduate of DePauw University, Roob has been in the headlines statewide since the plan was unveiled.

The newspaper's "Behind Closed Doors" column notes, "Before a news briefing on the deal, Roob was spotted whistling as he bounded up a flight of stairs at the Statehouse... At the briefing and a news conference later in Daniels' office, Roob's mood also was reflected in a telling button pinned to his suit Indiana Statehouse Summer.jpgjacket. Inside a circle, a red line ran across the phrase 'But we've always done it this way' -- like a no-parking sign."

"I take it out on days where we finally start delivering -- on big days where we deliver on the promise to make Indiana a better place," E. Mitchell Roob tells the Star. "This is one of those days."

Access the item here, and learn more about the plan -- which Roob and Daniels say will save the state $340 million -- by clicking here.  Mitch Roob also appeared on the statewide television program Inside Indiana Business this weekend.  Access video clips here.