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Prof. Yung-chen Chiang Publishes Book on Former Chinese Ambassador Hu Shi

March 15, 2007

Yung-chen Chiang.jpgMarch 15, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - Two separate editions of a book by Yung-chen Chiang, professor and chair of history at DePauw and University Professor, have been published in Chinese. Xingxing, Yueliang, Taiyang: Hu Shi de Qinggan Shijie (which translates to "The Moons, the Stars, and the Sun: the Women in Hu Shi's Life") was issued in a simplified-character edition in Shanghai, with the traditional-character edition being released in Taiwan. 

"This is the first comprehensive study of the widely-speculated, but hitherto poorly-documented love life of Hu Shi, China's ambassador to Yung-chen Chiang Hu Shi.jpgthe United States from 1938-42 and modern China's most celebrated intellectual leader," states a synopsis. "Based on letters written to him by his lovers, this book discloses the secrets of a man who is at once the quintessential public man and private person in modern China."

Writing and research for the professor's book was supported by a Faculty Fellowship and Freeman Faculty Travel Fellowships.

The book is available at