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"Integrity and Intellect" of Retiring Congressman Lee Hamilton '52 Cited in Wall Street Journal

February 19, 1997

Lee Hamilton 1997 Mag.jpgFebruary 19, 1997, Greencastle, Ind. - News that Lee H. Hamilton will not seek re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives brought this reaction from the Wall Street Journal's Gerald F. Seib. "Through his three decades, (Hamilton) has been a model of integrity and intellect in a troubled institution," Seib writes in today's paper. "He's the kind of lawmaker who once turned down a seat on the coveted Ways and Means Committee -- a seat guaranteeing that lobbyists would come drooling to deliver campaign contributions -- so he could continue devoting attention to his beloved Foreign Affairs Committee."

A Democrat, Lee Hamilton has been a member of Congress since 1965.

In his 1971 commencement address to graduates of DePauw, Hamilton stated, "This nation needs people who see that too many for too long have been in a headlong rush toward progress and power in the measure of dollars, miles of concrete laid, miles an hour in speed, kilowatts generated and nuclear missiles stockpiled. One of the answers to the current crises is to break free from the limitations of ignorance, from the prisons of class, race, time and self interests and the servitude of the crowd."

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