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Editor Tom Erb '67 Cites Prof. Raymond Pence in Middle School Journal

January 11, 2000

raymond-pence.jpgJanuary 11, 2000, Greencastle, Ind. - "As my old (literally, he was 81 years old when I had him as a freshman at DePauw) writing professor Raymond Woodberry Pence used to admonish us about our writing: 'It's too good not to be better,' so it is with our middle school programs," writes Tom Erb in the January edition of Middle School Journal. "They represent an improvement over the inadequate junior highs they replaced, but now is the time to make them even better for the students they serve," adds Erb, editor of the publication and 1967 graduate of DePauw University. (photo at left: Prof. Raymond Pence)

Erb's essay previews an issue of the Journal which "provides glimpses of several attempts to tweak the exisiting middle school concepts, practices, or programs to make them better for the students directly affected."

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