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Work of Five from DePauw to be Presented at Technology in Education Workshop

October 15, 2008

tech classroom.jpgOctober 15, 2008, Greencastle, Ind. - Three DePauw University faculty members -- Dave Berque, professor of computer science; Mary P. Dixon, Q.G. Noblitt Professor of Economics and Management, and Pascal Lafontant, assistant professor of biology -- will be among the presenters at WIPTE 2008: Workshop on the Impact of Pen-Based Technology on Education. Dr. Berque also serves on the organizing committee for the event, which is taking place today and tomorrow at Purdue University. (at left: Professor Berque in the classroom)

Lafontant will present "Using Tablet PCs And DyKnow Vision To Enhance Student Technology Computer Tablets.jpgEngagement in a Human Anatomy Class," while Dixon will offer "A University Outreach Lesson in Economics for Middle School Students Using DyKnow." Berque's paper, "Turning The Classroom Upside Down Using Tablet PCs And DyKnow Ink and Audio Tools," was co-authored by junior Ashley Myers and 2008 graduate Chad Byers.

Learn more at the event's Web site.

Dave Berque's work at DePauw led to the development of pen-based technology, now known as DyKnow Vision, that is being used in classrooms around the nation. The professor received the 2007 Mira Techpoint Award for "Education Contribution in Technology - Individual" for his efforts to create the software.