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ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen '54 to Mark Network's 30th Anniversary with Speech

August 10, 2009

Bill Rasmussen Color.jpgAugust 10, 2009, Greencastle, Ind. — "To celebrate ESPN's 30th anniversary, the Greater Bristol Chamber of Commerce will hear a presentation Aug. 28 from founder Bill Rasmussen," begins an item in Connecticut's Hartford Courant. A 1954 graduate of DePauw University, "Rasmussen began putting together a small cable TV venture in 1978, and approached several towns before Bristol's development officials agreed to let him install satellite dishes and trailers along Middle Street. He bought the first piece of property there for $18,000, and ESPN's sports programming debuted Sept. 7, 1979."

Don Stacom writes, "Middle Street is now home to a sprawling campus of office buildings, studios and high-tech satellite equipment."espn logo.jpg

You'll find the article at the newspaper's Web site.

Rasmussen, who has been called "the father of cable sports" by USA Today, is also the creator of College Fanz Sports Network. He was recently featured in Nebraska's Grand Island Independent and discussed ESPN's early days. Read more here.