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Ken Bode to Become Host of TV's Washington Week in Review

December 22, 1993

ken bode 90s.jpgDecember 22, 1993, Greencastle, Ind. — "TV journalist Ken Bode is keeping one foot planted firmly in the airwaves and the other in academia when he becomes moderator of public television's Washington Week in Review," reports Ohio's Bryan Times today. "Bode, 53, a correspondent and analyst for CNN, is also director of the Center for Contemporary Media at DePauw, a post he'll keep, though with reduced hours," notes the "People in the News" column.

The text adds, "Bode was a national political correspondent for NBC when he left the network in 1989 to come to DePauw.  For Washington Week, Bode will serve as anchor, moderator and commentator, starting March 11."

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