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Prof. Robert McClure '63 Retiring After 41 Years at Syracuse University

December 14, 2010

89424December 14, 2010, Greencastle, Ind. — Robert D. McClure, Chapple Family Professor of Citizenship and Democracy at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University and 1963 graduate of DePauw University, is retiring at the end of the current semester after  41 years of service. "He will leave a legacy of contributions," reports a feature story, which notes, "McClure's style is not just to teach the material but to teach students how to think. And while they're thinking, he also teaches them manners."

"I never describe myself as a political scientist. If you ask me, I'm a teacher," says McClure, who also served 13 years as associate dean of external affairs (1990-2003).  

Beckie Strum writes, "All he brings to class are his lecture notes, chalk tucked away in his back pocket and a host of questions aimed at unsuspecting students. His in-your-face style of winding through the aisles has made him infamous among students who do not like to participate. But it has also helped him accumulate a long list of student and alumni awards as one of Syracuse University's best professors."

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