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DePauw Junior Helps Current HS Seniors Navigate College Choices

January 19, 2011

89822January 19, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — DePauw University junior Emily Reavis was among nine recent graduates of Hinsdale Central High School who returned to the suburban Chicago campus to meet with the high school's current senior class.  At the January 13 session, "The alums gathered to talk about their college experiences, and to answer questions about the path today's seniors now are on," reports the Doings.

When she began considering her college decision, Reavis "was intent on a large campus," writes Sandy Illian Bosch. "She applied to several Big 10 schools. But when she visited DePauw, it just felt right." 

"It was where I felt comfortable," Reavis tells the newspaper. 

The text continues, "She urged Central seniors not to dismiss those feelings when making their final choice."

Access the complete story, "College-bound seniors get advice from alumni," at the newspaper's website.