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MSNBC Piece on Career Happiness Offers Advice from Steve Langerud

July 10, 2011

65177July 10, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — "Finding career happiness seems to be what everyone wants these days," begins an article. Eve Tahmincioglu writes, "When it comes to your job, the bottom line is you have to be realistic and not let the happiness hype control you." Her article offers "some tips from Steve Langerud, director of professional opportunities at DePauw University, on retaining control of your career happiness."

A sidebar offers five suggestions for Langerud, including: "Be clear what career happiness means to you. Is it security? Control? Mobility? Income? Colleagues? Location? This first step requires brutal self-assessment and complete honesty." 

You'll find the complete story at MSNBC's website.4695

Steve Langerud has helped more than 15,000 people with workplace issues and is regularly quoted in articles on the job market and career development. Read more about him in this recent summary.

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