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Prof. Mark Tatge Discusses WikiLeaks Case with Christian Science Monitor

September 2, 2011

96662September 2, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — "Thursday’s news that WikiLeaks' entire cache of 250,000 unredacted, classified U.S. government documents has been unintentionally released directly onto the Internet has elicited groans and guffaws from both media and security analysts," begins a Christian Science Monitor report. "The ability to communicate freely may be yet another casualty of such incidents, says Mark Tatge, journalism professor at DePauw University's Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media," writes Gloria Goodale. "As it becomes harder to keep any information private, everyone from politicians to diplomats and businesses will find it increasingly difficult to communicate."

Tatge, who serves as Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Professor of Journalism at DePauw, tells the publication, "If nobody wants to commit anything to paper or an 87287e-mail or even a phone conversation for fear of being tapped or exposed, then we are setting back important functions of our culture quite significantly."

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Source: Christian Science Monitor