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DePauw Offers Help to Financially Strapped Greencastle Fire Department

July 23, 1985

East College tall xzJuly 23, 1985, Greencastle, Ind. - "The state tax freeze combined with a recent Supreme Court ruling that policemen and firemen must be paid overtime has put the Greencastle Fire Department in a bind," Linda Lupear reported on WRTV this evening.  The Indianapolis ABC affiliate examined how the city's fire chief, Bob Elmore, has been forced to cut back on his staff's hours in response to the changes.

"We are prepared, after discussions with the mayor that have gone on for over six months, to begin making annual payments to the city, as a way of saying thank you," Robert G. Bottoms, executive vice president of DePauw University, says in the report which aired during the 5 p.m. newscast.

"Bottoms says DePauw wants to be a good citizen and has planned for nearly a year to make some kind of financial contribution to the city," Lupear reports.  "Whether that contribution will solve the fire department's financial problem is open to question."

Video of the segment is embedded below.

Source: WRTV (ABC)/ Indianapolis