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Professional Conference Fund

Online Form                       Deadline: First come, first served pending availability of funds.

Purpose:This fund supports full-time, term and part-time faculty attendance at conferences sponsored by professional organizations and for expenses associated with memberships in professional societies.

Eligibility: see "Faculty Categories and Eligibility for Funding" for eligibility and amount of funding allocated for each category.

Expectations & Rules:

  • Funding will be made on a first come, first served basis for travel, registration, lodging, and meals ($75 limit per day for meals), and there is no retroactive funding. Faculty members may only claim up to 4 nights and 5 days stays at conferences. Applications are to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the conference.The committee will not consider incomplete applications.

  • Both Professional Conference and External Workshop funds are not to be used for personal interviews or for any other primarily administrative function of a faculty member.

  • Additional funding will be provided above the normal base conference allocation for faculty categories for presenting a paper or for international conferences. The following rules apply:

    • Conferences within North America (including Alaska and Hawaii): Faculty members may receive $150 per conference day (up to four days) presenting a poster, paper, formal lecture, exhibit, performance or written commentary, or for arranging and evaluating the content of a session within the United States. Serving on discussion panels is not eligible for this funding. To receive the additional $150, a copy of the paper must be submitted with the receipts to Becky Wallace (

    • Conferences outside of North America: Faculty members are eligible for $800 for presenting at a conference outside of North America. Faculty members who are located outside of North America for any type of leave will not be eligible for these additional funds. These funds will be provided for only one such conference per academic year. To receive the additional funds, a copy of the paper must be submitted with the receipts to Becky Wallace.

    • For faculty members in Category A only: if a conference is combined with a workshop, your travel and conference expenses will come from your three-year Professional Conference fund. The additional cost to attend the workshop will be taken from the External Workshop fund. For workshops that extend longer than the usual 4 nights/5 days or are more than the $1000 limit, you may submit a Professional Development Fund Application.

Society Membership Expenses:Faculty members may choose to use part of their Professional Conference Funds to pay for membership fees in professional societies.

Reporting Process: Receipts for expenses and a completed accounting reimbursement voucher worksheet should be submitted to Becky Wallace within four weeks of returning from the conference or workshop. Faculty members who have presented at the conference must submit a copy of the presentation with the receipts in order to be reimbursed for expenses.

Advice: Plan your conferences carefully to make the best use of conference funds. Also remember to submit your application early since awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis and airfare is more economical when booked in advance.