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Faculty Development Committee

Faculty Development Committee Members 2015-16

NameCampus PhoneE-MailAddress
Susan Anthony (Faculty member who considers the Arts their curricular home)
santhony 0306 GCPA
Angela Flury (Faculty member who considers the Humanities their curricular home)
aflury 325 AH
Jim Mills (Faculty member who considers the Mathematical, Computational or Natural Sciences their curricular home)
jmills 214 JSMC
David Newman (Faculty member who considers the Social Sciences their curricular home)
dnewman  330 AH
Bryan Hanson (Fifth Faculty Member)
hanson 363 JSMC
Jeff Kenney, Faculty Development Coordinator (Ex Officio & non-voting member)
jkenney 308 Harrison
Carrie Klaus, Dean of Faculty, (Ex Officio & non-voting member)
cklaus 377 Julian

Meetings: The Faculty Development Committee meets weekly or bi-weekly as needed (September - May).

Faculty Development Coordinator: The Faculty Development Coordinator is a full-time faculty member who works half time to organize faculty development programs and to assist faculty members with their professional opportunities. There is an institutional commitment to separate faculty development from evaluation. Therefore, the Coordinator's activities are separate from faculty personnel decisions and the Coordinator does not vote on proposals before the Faculty Development Committee. In short, there is a significant institutional commitment to assist faculty members in their professional growth and development activities through a structure that assures trust in that process.

The Faculty Development Coordinator can assist faculty members in preparing applications for faculty development support, in planning their careers, and improving their teaching (for instance, by visiting classrooms, commenting on course design, and suggesting helpful resource and activities). In addition, the Coordinator organizes events such as the New Faculty Orientation, Teaching Roundtables and Faculty Forums, and provides information on development opportunities.

The Academic Affairs Office: Applications are to be submitted to Ashley Dayhuff or Becky Wallace, Faculty Development Assistants, who handle the paperwork for the Committee and for the Vice President for Academic Affairs. If you have questions regarding reimbursement or funding, you may contact Ashley Dayhuff (x4365, email (ashleydayhuff)) or Becky Wallace, (x6555, e-mail (bwallace)). Carrie Klaus (Dean of Faculty) represents the Administration on Faculty Development.

Stewardship: The Development Office coordinates reporting to donors about faculty activities supported by their gifts. The Development Office may contact faculty members for assistance in communication with donors.