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Summer Stipend

Applications cannot be saved to complete later. 


Applications are due April 1, 2015.

Scholarly/Creative Project
Environmental Course Development
Environmental Course Enhancement
Multicultural Course Development or Enhancement
Course Development or Enhancement (not environmental or multicultural)

For the application please write a document that includes the following four items:

1. Title and abstract of the project:

Please provide a title for the project and an abstract of no more than 300 words. This will be placed on the Faculty Development website and should be appropriate for a general audience. If you have any pictures that would help explain the project, we would like to have those for use on the site as well.

2A. Description of the project for course development or enhancement:

Please describe your project including objectives and procedures in a maximum of four double-spaced pages. Please include the following items: 1) provide a rationale for how the course serves department and/or university curricular needs. 2) state when you plan to teach the course within two academic years. 3) if this is a course enhancement, include a copy of the current syllabus. 4) ask for an endorsement from the appropriate department chair/dean/program director (this may be emailed separately).

2B. Description of the project for scholarly/creative work:

Please describe the project including objectives and procedures in a maximum of four double-spaced pages. Include a brief description of your qualifications for the project and how the project fits into the context of your professional development.

3. Specific product:

Describe the final product that will be submitted with your report by the first Monday of the fall semester.

4. Concurrent projects:

List all FDC, Dean's or external grants you currently hold for which you have not submitted a report and give the status of these project(s). If you hold current awards or are requesting funding for multiple projects, you should include a statement explaining the relationship between the projects.


If you are using human or animal subjects for this research, you will need to have IRB or IACUC approval before you begin data collection.