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Advising Committee

Subcommittee of MAO

The purpose of the Advising Committee is to promote effective academic advising that assists students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their academic, career, and personal goals. To accomplish this, the Advising Committee provides development opportunities and information to faculty advisors, enhances student and faculty awareness of advising processes and resources, and assesses the academic advising program. - Taken from Academic Handbook.

Committee Members 2012-13

Faculty Members: selected by MAOOther MembersStudent Members: Two appointed by Student Congress
Dana Dudle Kelley Hall (Director of Advising) Clark Edwards
Andrew Hayes (Representative of Student Academic Support Services) Colleen Whiting
Rebecca Upton Pedar Foss (MAO Representative)  
Maria Soledad Forcadell Academic Affairs has appointed Mandy Brookins-Blinn for CSE for 2013-14  

 Note: Faculty committee membership not yet updated for 2013-14