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Academic Standing Committee

Reports to MAO

This committee shall consider all matters affecting academic classification and standing of students, including level of scholarship, probation, dismissal from and readmission to the University. It shall report periodically to the Committee on Management of Academic Operations. - Taken from the Academic Handbook.

Committee Members 2013-14
Faculty members: Three-year terms. The faculty representatives to this committee also serve on the Petitions committee.
Divisional RepresentativesAdministrative Members
1. Dana Dudle 15 Kelley Hall (VPAA Representative)
2. Maria Soledad Forcadell 14 Julianne Miranda (VPAA Representative)
3. Pam Propsom (Fall semester replacement: Mark Kannowski) 15 Cara Setchell (Representative of the Vice President for Student Life)
4. VACANT   Mark McCoy (Dean of the School of Music; for music students only)
    Ken Kirkpatrick (Registrar)
    June Wildman (Associate Registrar) serves as non-voting convener for the Academic Standings Committee