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Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC)

Reports to MAO

This committee will seek input from the University community and advise the Chief Information Officer on all matters related to technology and associated support services that impact, or have the potential to impact, teaching, learning, research, academic advising, and academic professional activities. --Taken from the Academic Handbook

Committee Members 2013-14
Faculty members: Three-year terms. No more than two may be from one division and no more than one from each department.

Divisional Representatives

Administrative Appointments

Non-Voting Members

1- Mandy Henk (14) Harry Brown Carol Smith (Chief Information Officer)
2- David Guinee (16) Pauline Ota Donnie Sendelbach (Director of Instructional and Learning Services)
3- Brian Howard (16)   Ken Kirkpatrick (Registrar)
4- Humberto (Bert) Barreto (15)    


Archive minutes: