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Board of Control of Student Publications

This committee shall exert final authority over The DePauw and the Mirage. The board functions much as would the owner of a private publishing operation except that it does not dictate editorial policy. --Taken from the Academic Handbook

Committee Members 2014-15
Faculty members: Two-year terms.
Faculty At-Large RepresentativesFaculty Member: Instructor of Journalism
Jacob Hale 15 Lili Wright
Christopher Lynch 15  
Sheryl Tremblay 16
Administrative Appointments: A permanent treasurer is appointed by the President from the faculty
Mike Sinowitz (VPAA representative)
(Not yet determined for AY 14-15) (Treasurer)
Student Members: Student Congress appoints two sophomores at the start of each year to serve three year terms (so six students are serving at a time). Replacements appointed as needed. Students who hold these positions may not work for THE DEPAUW.
Bill Christian - Class of 2015
Adrienne Westenfeld - Class of 2015
Hunter Wilson - Class of 2016
William McAndrew - Class of 2016
Morgan Weller - Class of 2017
Alexius Burton - Class of 2017