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Faculty Committee on Admission

Subcommittee of CAPP

Meets with and provides advice when requested by VP for Admission and Financial Aid. Reviews data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and the VP for Admission and Financial Aid on the DePauw recruitment efforts and entering class demographics and credentials, as well as the strategies and results of peer institutions. At least annually reviews academic requirements for admission with the VP for Admission and Financial Aid and reports any possible changes to CAPP for its consideration in advance of necessary faculty action. Reviews impact of admission requirements and of recruitment and communication strategies on the academic credentials, academic performance, and persistence to graduation of entering students. Reports its findings to the VP for Admission and Financial Aid, the VPAA, the VPSL, the President, and CAPP. Contributes to discussions at the end of each admission season in retrospective assessment of outcomes and in planning for the subsequent year's work in admissions. Serves as an advisory body to the President of the University with whom the committee will meet at least once each semester, assisting in the evaluation of the University's total admissions and recruitment efforts. The Faculty Committee on Admissions will offer a written report of its considerations and deliberations to the President annually.

Membership guidelines

Committee Members 2012-13

(note: this committee has not met or had its membership updated since AY 12-13.)

Faculty Members: Appointments made by Chair of CAPP

  • Div. 1 - Tim Good (Chair)
  • Div. 2 - Sandro Barros
  • Div. 3 - Hilary Eppley
  • Div. 4 - Barbara Steinson
  • CAPP representative - Marnie McInnes