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Resource Allocation Subcommittee

(RAS) Subcommittee of CAPP

RAS considers those requests for new faculty members forwarded to RAS by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and sends to CAPP their recommendations concerning granting or not granting requests. RAS shall be appointed by CAPP as needed. - Taken from Academic Handbook.

Committee Members 2014-15

Faculty Members: selected by CAPP. Divisional representatives appointed to three-year terms. At-large representatives appointed to one-year terms. RAS also serves as the Opportunity Hire Subcommittee.

Divisional RepresentativesAt-large RepresentativesThree current or recent members of CAPP serving one-year terms.
1-Pauline Ota Angela Castaneda (15) Julia Bruggemann
2-Meryl Altman (16) (Istvan Csicery-Ronay - for AY 14-15) Jamie Stockton (15) Bridget Gourley (Chair)
3-Vanessa Fox (16)   David Guinee
4-Manu Raghav (15)