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Honorary Degrees and University Occasions

Committee Members 2015-16

This committee solicits suggestions for campus convocation speakers and events with either small-group or campus-wide appeal. It then approves and funds programs that, with the President, it determines to be beneficial to the University community.  Also, this committee shall call for nominations for candidates for honorary degrees.  Nominations should be solicited from the faculty, students and Board of Trustees. After review the committee will present a slate of candidates to the faculty for recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The Trustees and faculty delegate the approval of an honorary degree for the commencement speaker to a joint subcommittee of the Nominations and Trusteeship of the Board of Trustees, composed of three Trustees, including the Chairman of the Board and the three faculty members elected to the Committee on Honorary Degrees. An affirmative vote shall require approval of four of the six members.  This committee reports to Faculty Priorities and Governance.

Representatives (end of term)
Catherine Fruhan (2017) (co-chair)
Brooke Cox (2017) (co-chair)
Carla Edwards (2016)

Other members:  Coordinator of Convocations (Keith Nightenhelser), President of the University (Brian Casey); two (2) students appointed by Student Congress, one of whom must be a senior (Hannah Viti, Erin Mann).

Ex Officio (without vote): Director of Media Relations (Ken Owen), Vice President for Academic Affairs or representative (Tiffany Hebb). 


When planning an event that may involve funding or other support from Public Occasions, consider the following steps: