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Library Advisory Committee

Reports to MAO

This committee advises the library staff and administration on matters of library policy and assists in formulating plans, goals, and priorities, and in determining the overall role of the library in support of the academic program. It shall report periodically to the Committee on Management of Academic Operations. . --Taken from the Academic Handbook

Committee Members 2013-14
Faculty members: Three-year terms. The at-large representative must be a librarian.
Divisional RepresentativesLibrarian Elected by Faculty
1. Geoff Klinger 16 Bruce Sanders 16
2. Jason Fuller 15  
3. Brian Howard 14
4. John Schlotterbeck (One-year replacement: David Gellman) 14
Administrative Members
Terri Bonebright (VPAA representative)
Rick Provine (Director of Libraries)
Student Members: One appointed by Student Congress and one appointed by the Library Advisory Committee in consultation with the library staff
Vacant (Appointee of the Committee)
Vacant (Appointee of Student Congress)

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