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Nature Park

Committee Members 2015-16

This committee advises the Nature Park staff and University administration on matters of planning, policy, and procedures, and assists in formulating plans, goals, and priorities, and in determining the overall role of the Nature Park in providing education, research, reflection, and recreation for the members of the University and neighboring communities.  This committee reports to Faculty Priorities and Governance.
Representatives (end of term)
Wade Hazel (2017)
Lou Smoger (2017)
Wayne Glausser (2016)

Other members: One (1) representative appointed by the President in consultation with the Mayor of Greencastle, the Director of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics or representative, Vice-president for Student Life or representative; two (2) students appointed by Student Congress.

Ex Officio (without vote):  Nature Park Manager/Ranger, Associate Vice President for Facilities or representative, Vice President for Academic Affairs or representative, and Emergency Management Coordinator.