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Petitions Committee

Reports to MAO

This committee shall consider and decide upon student petitions concerning academic matters as detailed in the University Bulletin. It shall report periodically to the Committee on Management of Academic Operations. - Taken from the Academic Handbook.

Committee Members 2014-15
Faculty members: The faculty representatives to this committee are those elected to the Academic Standing Committee. Three-year terms.
Divisional Representatives

Administrative Members

Non-Voting Member
1. Dana Dudle 15 Kelley Hall (VPAA Representative) Note: June Wildman (Associate Registrar) serves as non-voting convener for the Petitions Committee, collecting petitions from students and presenting petitions to the committee.
2. Maria Luque 17 Pam Roberts (VPAA Representative)  
3. Pam Propsom 15 Cara Setchell (Representative of the Vice President for Student Life)
Mark McCoy (Dean of the School of Music; for music students only)
4. Misti Shaw 16 Ken Kirkpatrick (Registrar)