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Public Occasions Committee

This committee solicits suggestions for campus convocation speakers and events with either small-group or campus-wide appeal. It then approves and funds programs which, with the President, it determines to be beneficial to the University community. --Taken from the Academic Handbook

Committee Members 2014-15
Faculty members: Four-year terms. No more than two may be from one division and no more than one from one department.
Divisional RepresentativesAt-Large Representatives 
1. Rick Provine 15 Jeff Dunn 15
2. Francesca Seaman 16 Catherine Fruhan 18
3. Christina Wagner (Fall replacement: Scott Thede) 16  
4. Tamara Beauboeuf 15
Administrative Members
Julianne Miranda (VPAA Representative)
 Keith Nightenhelser (Coordinator of Convocations, Committee Convener)
Non-Voting Member
Ken Owen (Director of Media Relations)

When planning an event that may involve funding or other support from Public Occasions, consider the following steps: