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Teacher Education Committee

Reports to MAO

This committee shall advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the licensure officer on all matters relating to the preparation of teachers and the licensure requirements which should be met by students desiring licensure. --Taken from the Academic Handbook

Committee Members 2014-15
Faculty members: Three-year terms. No more than two may be from one division and no more than one from each department.
Divisional RepresentativesAt-Large RepresentativesAdministrative Members
1. Joyce Dixon-Fyle 15 Randy Salman 16 Ken Kirkpatrick (representative of VPAA)
2. Sandro Barros 16 Susanne Biehle 15  
3. Suman Balasubramanian 17  
4. Dan Rusu 17
Education Studies Members: Chair of Education Studies and one other member of Education Studies whose specialty in elementary or secondary education balances specialty of the Chair of Education Studies
Jamie Stockton (Representative of the Chair of Education Studies)
Randy Salman

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