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IRB Category I Form

This form may be used when the proposed research:

1. Does not involve special populations (e.g., participants under 18 years of age, prisoners, in/outpatients mentally/physically disabled, pregnant women); AND

2. Does not use private records (e.g., medical, education); AND

3. Does not involve deception (beyond not informing subjects about every aspect of this study and hypotheses); AND

4. Poses no foreseeable psychological or physical risks (e.g., elevated stress, reduction in self-esteem, revealing sensitive personal information, physical injury) to participants (beyond everyday levels); AND

5. Preserves confidentiality (does not allow linkage of individual participant's results with names); AND

6. Does not probe sensitive personal information (including disease/disorder/disability status); AND

7. Does not present offensive, threatening, or degrading material; AND

8. Obtains informed consent from participant and debriefs participants, except in exceptional circumstances.


Once your application is submitted, it will be sent to your academic supervisor who must review your submission and send an email to before the Committee will review it.

IRB Committee response to proposals:

One or more members of the IRB will review the proposal and respond, within 14 days. Category I research requires approval, so you may not begin data collection until you have received notification of approval from the IRB Committee.

Non DePauw Participant

I(we) certify classification as Category I research using human subjects (by checking ALL categories below) that this research meets all the requirements and the information provided in this application is correct.

All data are anonymous and/or confidential;
No use of private records (e.g., medical or educational);
No invasion of privacy of subject or family; manipulation or measurement of variables that may cause physical or psychological stress (e.g., sensory deprivation, social isolation);
No probing for personal or sensitive information; presentation of materials that subjects might find offensive, threatening, or degrading; use of deception as part of experimental protocol.


For your submission you will need to upload a document that has the following three items: description of the study, informed consent form, and debriefing. For complete information on each of these, please go to this site:

Acknowledgement of Investigator(s):

By submitting this application I(we) acknowledge that this research is in keeping with the standards set by our discipline and that the principal investigator has met all IRB requirements for review and approval of this research.