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Donate to CTEP

Are you purchasing a new computer and unsure of what to do with your old one? Do you have a computer that has been sitting around in disuse? Are you concerned that these working machines shouldn't go to waste?

A donation to CTEP can place your old computer in the hands of those who have not had the benefits of owning a personal computer. Your donation can help to bridge the digital divide in the greater Putnam County area. CTEP accepts donations of desktop computers, monitors, laptops, speakers, and other miscellaneous parts.

CTEP seeks used computers that have been wtih an end-user for at least 6 months and meet the following guidelines:

Minimum Requirements

  • Working motherboard
  • All casing panels with a legible Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity
  • 1 GHz/Pentium 4 processor or above (slower processors are accepted if the computer was issued with Microsoft XP or later)
  • All internal cables
  • Video/sound/network cards

Preferred Components

  • Working CD-ROM drive
  • 2 GB RAM or more
  • 60 GB hard drive or larger

Donations can be dropped off at the Robert G. Bottoms Community Center, at 605 Crown St., Greencastle, IN.  CTEP staff reserve the right to use discretion when accepting equipment and determining its value for the program. Computers that do not meet the minimum standards may have suitable parts and components that can be donated to help us optimize other equipment we have in stock. Receipts for tax write-up purposes are available upon request.

If your computer is below our program's standards, CTEP advocates the proper recycling of computer equipment. For environmentally responsible ways to dispose of your old computer equipment, visit our recycling page.