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The Current Campus

Over the past 15 years, DePauw has invested significantly in its campus. This has resulted in the handsome renovations and additions to the Green Center for the Performing Arts, the Julian Science and Mathematics Center, and the Emison building. Further, the campus welcomed the new Peeler Art Center, the Prindle Institute for Ethics, and the Bartlett Reflection Center. These first-rate facilities are on par with the best buildings of their type on any campus in America. 

The pace at which these buildings have been built is impressive, and the campus has benefited greatly from these new and improved facilities. 

There are strong signs, however, that the appearance of the campus and the state of several important student and faculty-oriented buildings are limiting the ability of the University to attract and retain the number of students of outstanding promise and achievement it surely deserves. Further, the places where students and faculty gather have become frayed in terms of functionality, appearance, and maintenance. The campus does not currently meet the needs of an institution of ambition and prominence.

The new Campus Master plan calls for repairs to the fabric of the campus and a significant improvement in its appearance.