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Project Logistics: Athletics Campus

Do you have questions about access to the Athletics Campus during construction? The following outlines important logistical information about building use and access during the course of the Athletics Campus project.

WILL the buildings and fields within the athletics campus be OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION?

The Indoor Tennis and Track Center, Boswell Field (soccer and lacrosse), Walker Field (baseball) and the softball field will all remain open during the course of construction, though traditional access points will change. 

How will i get to the athletics campus during construction?

Once construction begins in full, Hanna Street will close west of Madison Street (which runs behind the visitor's stands at Blackstock Stadium).  The parking lots south of Blackstock Stadium will also close.  At this time, Hill Street (which runs between Blackstock Stadium and Walker Field) will provide the primary point of vehicular access to the Athletics Campus.  

With the closure of Hanna street, how will i access the softball field?

Vehicular access to the softball field will be possible from Walnut Street, an entrance typically used to access the University's intramural fields.  The entrance is located west of downtown Greencastle, just beyond the railroad tracks. 


Though the parking lots south of Blackstock Stadium will be closed, the parking lot north of the Indoor Tennis and Track Center will remain open.  It will provide the main parking for visitors to the Athletics Campus until the new parking lots (to be located east of the new multisport venue) open in August 2013. 

WHEN WILL phase one improvements to the athletics campus BE COMPLETE?

The installation of synthetic turf and a new track at Blackstock Stadium, along with the construction of a new venue for throwing events (javelin, discus, shot put, etc.) will be complete in August of 2013. The multisport competition venue will be complete in spring of 2014.  For more information on the project timeline, please consult the complete project timeline.