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Project Status: Athletics Campus

Construction began late February 2013. Enhancements to the football field and track at Blackstock Stadium are targeted for completion in August 2013. The new multisport stadium is targeted for completion in spring 2014.


Initial site preparation work began in late February 2013.

  • During the course of construction, primary access to the Athletics Campus will be possible via Hill Street and Walnut Street (via the vehicular entrance to the intramural fields).  Hanna Street, west of Madison Street, is now closed, and will remain closed throughout the fall months. 
  • The Tennis and Track Center, Boswell Field, Walker Field and the softball field will remain open throughout the course of construction, though traditional access points may shift.   


Winter 2013-2014

Final construction efforts, including the completion of any remaining interior finishes, on the multisport stadium will be finalized during the winter months.  All work on Phase One improvements to the Athletics Campus is scheduled for completion by spring 2014.

completion summary


Upon the completion of initial site preparation work, efforts focused on the demolition of the existing football field, track, and the parking lot south of Blackstock Stadium.  Once the demolition phase was completed, the installation of a subdrain system began at the Blackstock Stadium site.  Site grading and the construction of retaining walls to support the multisport stadium and field also began.


The synthetic turf and new track was installed during the summer months, with the re-opening of Blackstock Stadium in time for the 2013 football season.  New parking lots, which will sit east of the new multisport stadium, was also completed during the summer months, in advance of the fall sports season.  Summer construction at the multisport venue included the installation of a drainage system for new synthetic turf and the planting of Bermuda grass on the practice field.  The erection of the steel support structure for the multisport stadium also began.  Note: The multisport competition field will remain a construction site throughout the fall of 2013; during this period men's and women's soccer will continue to compete at Boswell Field.

FALL 2013

During the fall semester, all site work (fieldwork, hardscaping, and landscaping) will be complete, with the exception of the multipurpose stadium.  Work will continue on the exterior shell of the multipurpose stadium, with the vast majority of interior finishes being completed by late fall 2013.