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Hoover Hall

Hoover Hall will replace the Hub, in the Union Building, as the primary student dining option on campus.

project overview

The construction of Hoover Hall will fulfill a core element of the University’s Campus Master Plan, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in October of 2010 and called for the transformation of the campus core into a place of greater connection, contemplation, and creativity.  A gift from Dave and Suzanne Hoover (both '67) will provide a large portion of the funds necessary for the hall's construction.

Hoover Hall will replace the current “Hub,” a food- court-style dining hall that was originally intended to serve 350 students and now must accommodate more than 1,000 DePauw students daily. The new hall will serve as the primary dining space for first- year students and upper-class students living in University housing.  

In addition to new dining spaces within Hoover Hall, a pair of gifts from Sarah and John Wallace (both '76) and Jim B. Stewart '73 will provide the funds for a dining room and new meeting spaces for smaller gatherings of students and faculty. 

Project status

With Turner Construction leading the efforts, Hoover Hall construction is profoundly proceeding. With an anticipated completion date of October 31st, 2016, various milestones are in sight. Sizable windows for the north side of Hoover Hall arrived in November. This allows for natural light to enter the student dining area but will also provide a striking view of DePauw’s historic East College. As the colder temperatures approach, crews are preparing for the enclosure of the structure. Brick masonry and roofing efforts have started and are slated to be completed in the Spring of 2016.