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Ubben Quadrangle

The Ubben Quadrangle upgrade will consist of the transformation of the landscaped area between Mason Hall, Lucy Rowland Hall and Reese Hall to extend the pedestrian experience of Anderson Street and Smith Walk to the residential quad.


Made possible by a generous gift from Tim and Sharon Ubben (both '58), the Ubben Quadrangle project will create a significantly enhanced and inviting set of common spaces.  Initial work will focus on constructing a new brick retaining wall along Locust Street and the installation of new sidewalks and landscaping throughout the quad, followed by improvements to the gathering spaces and porches at Mason Hall, Lucy Rowland Hall and Reese Hall.  Together, these enhancements will provide a stronger and more inviting residential quality for the residents of Ubben Quadrangle.



Construction began in September of 2013 with demolition of the Locust Street retaining wall and existing plant material around Mason Hall and Lucy Rowland Hall.  The underground utility systems are in place, the retaining wall on Locust Street is complete and a great deal of the new landscaping has been installed. The Lucy Rowland porch surface and stairs have been demolished. The base material for the stairs and surface are in place and finishing work will be completed in the Spring of 2014. Completion date of the Ubben Quad project is projected in June, 2014.