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Returning Students

Financial aid based on need is not automatically renewable. You must reapply to be considered for grants, loans, and/or work awards each year.

Financial Aid Application Steps for Returning Domestic Students*

To apply for need-based financial aid, including state and federal programs, you and your parents must submit the following:

* Students who are not US citizens or permanent residents may be evaluated for semester abroad or extended studies assistance by completing the 2017-2018 CSS/Financial Aid Profile or the 2017-2018 International Student Financial Aid Application.

Financial Aid Application Deadlines

The priority deadline for completing the financial aid applications is March 1st.
The FAFSA is completed online.  

About Verification

Some students may be selected by DePauw or by the Federal Government for a separate process called "Verification".  In these cases, the student will receive a separate request from the Financial Aid Office by email and/or by letter identifying what additional items are required to complete the file.  The deadline for submitting verification items is 30 days from the time of notification.

Penalties for Missing the Deadlines

All student financial aid applicants are required to submit renewal documents according to the established deadlines. If your file is incomplete, you may jeopardize need-based scholarship assistance. Beginning June 1st, need-based scholarship assistance is awarded based on funding availability.  If there are special circumstances that will prevent you from meeting these deadlines, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

When You Will Hear From Us

Returning students applying for financial aid will be notified in early June. Students receiving need-based assistance must also meet minimum satisfactory academic progress standards. Details are found at

Special Note for Indiana Residents

It is imperative that Indiana residents meet the required deadline established by the State of Indiana (March 10th, although we recommend March 1st). If you receive state funding and you do not submit your FAFSA by the March 10th deadline, you will not be eligible for state funds and DePauw University will not replace the loss of these funds.