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Whistleblower Reporting

DePauw University requires its trustees, officers, and employees to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities.  The University’s internal controls and operating procedures are intended to deter and prohibit activity that is contrary to University policy, or is in violation of federal, state or local laws and regulations.  Violations may include, but are not limited to:

  • A violation of a federal, state, or local law;
  • Fraud or financial irregularities;
  • Violation of any University policy;
  • Fraudulent financial reporting;
  • Forgery or alteration of any documents;
  • Unauthorized alteration or manipulation of computer files;
  • The use of University, property, resources or authority for personal gain or for non-University-related purpose except as authorized or provided under University policy;
  • Authorizing or receiving compensation for services not received or services not performed;
  • Requesting reimbursement for expenses not incurred;
  • Authorizing or receiving compensation for hours not worked;
  • Activities endangering the health and safety of others.

A copy of the full policy can be found in the following document:  COI Policy

All members of the University community are expected and encouraged to report possible violations through appropriate University procedures.  However, anyone concerned about possible retaliation may use the form below for filing the anonymous complaint.  The information reported on this form goes directly to the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee of the DePauw Board of Trustees.  The University has structured this web-form in a way to promote the anonymous whistleblower reporting process and efforts within legal limits will be made to protect the confidentiality of the source.  To ensure confidentiality, the website is hosted by a third party and the web form is communicated by Google.  However, Internet communication leaves information that may provide a mechanism for tracking.  If you are not comfortable using this form, please send the information via traditional mail to the Chair of the DePauw University Audit and Risk Management Committee at 911 Sorrel Lane, Bryn Mawr, PA  19010.

Please describe the situation or allegation with as much detailed information as possible.  Include names, titles and department of the people involved, alleged actions, specific concerns, specific fund and account information, when the situation took place, dollar value, your contact information (for follow-up), etc.

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