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DePauw Students Rallying Against Keystone XL Pipeline

February 22, 2013

Thanks to DePauw's Environmental Fellows Program and Professor Jen Everett, a group of DePauw students had the opportunity to attend the largest Climate Change rally in U.S. history. Professor Everett, Carlie Vaughn, Maggie Repko, Lauren Krumwiede, and Lauren Van Fleet joined 50,000 like-minded individuals in Washington D.C. on February 18, 2013 to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline. They are standing up against this issue because the pipeline is a huge threat to thousands of Americans. It will traverse the middle of the country, starting in Montana, traveling through states like Nebraska and Oklahoma, and ending in Houston and Port Arthur, Texas. This pipeline will further degrade habitats, wreck ingenious peoples' homes, and increase the risk of detrimental oil spills. On the issue, Lauren Van Fleet says, 

"Our future and our children's futures are at stake here. If we want them to live healthier, happier lives than us, we cannot let big oil companies win. This is what has happened in the past, and where has it brought us? It’s time for a change and a hope for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow."