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Inaugural Indiana Eco Student Summit 2013

The DePauw Delegation to the Summit

April 1, 2013

This past Saturday, March 30th, a group of eight DePauw students travelled to Indianapolis for the first annual Indiana Eco Student Summit. The Summit, which was located at the IUPUI McKinney School of Law, served as a chance for students across Indiana to network and brainstorm collectively about environmental issues in Indiana and in our nation. The Summit was hosted by the Environmental Law Society and Indiana Living Green.

Students enjoyed themselves in the company of other students across the state of Indiana. "There were many environmentalists who had great ideas about sustainability," said Jingjing Zhang, '15. DePauw students were able to create connections with students from Butler University and IU Bloomington among other universities. Mary Xiao, '16, said that the Eco Summit was "a great opportunity to meet with other students and faculty members to talk about the environmental initiatives that colleges and universities across Indiana were doing on their campuses." Some of the highlights of the Summit were the keynote speakers, Gabe Filippelli and Steve Hallett, workshops, and breakout sessions designed to help students focus on organizing around the environment and sustainability. 

"We need to continue thinking about immediacy and action in regards to climate change."
-Gabe Filippelli

"It is no longer enough to educate yourself on a specific issue. You must know and understand your government and how it works so that you can make a difference."
-Kim Ferraro

"Trying to sustain what we do should not be our goal. Our goal should be resilience."
-Steve Hallett