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BigTree: How to Apply a Table Header

Like the gold background you've seen on some tables? Here's how to do it.

BigTree has a few built in styles. This document will show you how to turn an ordinary table cell, row or column into a table header. Check out the example below:

Header 1Header 2
Item 1 Item 2
Item 3 Item 4

Step 1:

Edit your page in the BigTree Admin.

Step 2:

Select the cell, row, or column you'd like to be gold. You can do this by clicking and dragging your mouse over the items you'd like to select. They should turn blue.

Step 3:

Next, find the "Table Cell Properties" button along the WYSIWYG tool bar and click it. (Shown below)

Step 4:

Find the box labeled "Cell Type". From the dropdown menu, Select "Header". Click "Update".

Step 5:

Click "Okay" on the warning pop-up that appears.

Step 6:

Click "Save & Publish". You're done!