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Allocations Board

Responsible for distributing funds to over 100 recognized student organizations.

Form for the Spring 2016 Budget: How to Create Your_Spring/Fall(Year)_Budget

To view budgets for the Spring 2016 semester, click here.  Note: Only those with an DePauw email account will be able to access the document:  Advance Responsibility Form

Important notes:

  • All funds not spent by the end of every academic semester will be removed from student organizations accounts. Funds will NOT run over from the Fall to the Spring semester.

  • If your organization has funding in your account that is not Student Activities Funding, please email and let us know the amount so it is not accidentally removed.

  • Only organizations that have received recognition from DePauw Student Government may apply and receive funding.

  • Organizations will lose Student Activity Fee funding if they fail to attend Student Government Assembly meetings.


You may locate the Event-By-Event Form on the left-hand column of this page.  

We believe the DePauw University Student Activity Fee should be used to create a campus climate, socially and intellectually, comfortable and advantageous to the entire DePauw community.  If you have an event or initiative that you would like to apply for funding for, we encourage you to file an Event-By-Event request. 

The first Event-by-Event meetings of the semester will be held Sunday, 02.07.16 (This date is tentative.)

Event-By-Event meetings are held every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. in the Student Space.


Procedures for requesting funds from the Idea-Form can be found here.

The purpose of this fund is for independent students that are not affiliated with any organization or campus can share an idea they would like to bring forward to the campus. This idea should have the potential to create a campus climate that is inclusive and beneficial to the campus as a whole.

Additional Resources, Information and Forms

Past Budgets

Allocations Board Members
ShaKira Gibson Vice President of Allocations Board
 Jazzkia Jones  Allocations Board Member 
Jennifer Bravo Allocations Board Member 
Taquesha Dean Allocations Board Member
Sashell Hunnighan  Allocations  Board Member 
Nicholas Moorman nicholasmoorman_2016@depauw,edu Allocations Board Member 
Brandon Serra Allocations Board Member
Nathaniel Smith Allocations Board Member
 Devyn Hayes Allocations Board Member
 Ryan Grippo  Allocations Board Member

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Thank you to the '15-'16 executive board for your service! Good luck to the '16-'17 board!!!

15 days ago

Congratulations to the newest members of DePauw Student Government! Thank you to the past leaders for all their work this year!!!

17 days ago

30 more minutes are left before the voting booths close! Get on e-services and cast your ballot for the next leaders at DePauw!

1 month ago

Check out the DSG candidate platforms before the debate tonight at 5pm in Peeler! See you there!

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