Science Fiction Studies

Chronological Bibliography of Science Fiction History, Theory, and Criticism


The following bibliography of science fiction criticism does not claim to be exhaustive. It does, however, gather together a large number of critical materials on sf that the editors of SFS deem to be important, influential, or historically noteworthy. We have listed the entries in chronological order since such a format, we feel, affords a useful glimpse of the evolution of sf criticism from 1634 to the present. In those cases where items listed on the bibliography have either been reviewed in SFS or featured in our Documents in the History of SF series, we have inserted links to the relevant pages.

In consulting this collective bibliography, our readers should be aware of certain methodological and editorial assumptions we made in compiling it. First, there are very few references herein to critical works that focus primarily on utopias; these are treated quite extensively in scholarly journals like Utopian Studies and in books by Lyman Tower Sargent and others. Second, rather than citing numerous individual reviews and essays by well-known critics or authors, as a rule we have preferred to list relevant compendia--e.g., John Clute's Strokes (1988) or his Look at the Evidence (1995)--even though, in many cases, the material gathered in these volumes was written much earlier. Third, we have excluded from this list most anthologies of sf, author biographies and interviews, works of theory that do not focus primarily on sf, and general bibliographies of sf (which tend to date rapidly from the moment they are published).

The original version of this critical bibliography appeared in the special issue of SFS "A History of Science Fiction Criticism" (26.2 [July 1999]: 263-83), where it served as the collective Works Cited for survey articles on the topic by Arthur B. Evans, Gary Westfahl, Donald M. Hassler, and Veronica Hollinger.



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