Science Fiction Studies

#118 = Volume 39, Part 3 = November 2012


SPECIAL ISSUE ON SF AND GLOBALIZATION ( Edited by David Higgins and Rob Latham)

  • Symposium on Science Fiction and Globalization


  • Gerry Canavan. Decolonizing the Future: Langer’s Postcolonialism and Science Fiction and Hoagland/Sarwal’s Science Fiction Imperialism and the Third World       
  • Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. Of Enigmas and Xenoencyclopedias: Saint-Gelais’s Modernités de la science-fiction and Langlet’s La science-fiction: Lecture et poétique d’un genre littéraire
  • Terry Harpold. Other Kingdoms: Chatelain/Slusser’s Three Science Fiction Novellas by J.-H.Rosny aîné and Stableford’s The Navigators of Space and Other Alien Encounters by J.-H. Rosny aîné      


  • Raja/Ellis/Nandi’s The Postnational Fantasy (Weihsin Gui)
  • McCracken-Flesher’s Scotland as Science Fiction (Carol McGuirk)       
  • Francis’s The Psychological Fictions of J.G. Ballard (Jeannette Baxter)
  • Gibson’s Distrust that Particular Flavor (Jason W. Ellis)                               
  • Edwards’s Race, Aliens, and the U.S. Government in African-American Science Fiction (Isiah Lavender III)
  • Williams’s Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War (Alan Lovegreen)
  • Saler’s As If: Modern Enchantment and the Literary Prehistory of Virtual Reality (Brian Attebery)
  • Willis’s Vision, Science and Literature, 1870-1920 (Patrick Parrinder)     
  • Betz’s The Lesbian Fantastic (Amy J. Ransom)
  • Rawlinson’s new edition of Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange (Michael Jarvis)
  • Scheckteer’s new edition of Neville’s The Isle of Pines (Paul Alkon)
  • Kapell/McVeigh’s The Films of James Cameron (Stacey Abbott)
  • Wasson/Alder’s Gothic Science Fiction (Elizabeth Berkebile McManus)   
  • Eller’s Becoming Ray Bradbury (David Bañuelos)
  • Lyau’s The Anticipation Novelists of 1950s French SF (Marie-Hélène Huet)       


  • Wartime Stories in Astounding (Edward Wysocki)         
  • Evans Receives Clareson Award (Joan Gordon)
  • Africa in Science Fiction (Mark Bould)  
  • Note on the Pulp Magazines Project (Patrick Scott Belk)              
  • SF at FAU (Carol McGuirk)          
  • Third SF Hire at UC Riverside (Rob Latham)        
  • Winners of the 2012 SF&F Translation Awards (Cheryl Morgan)               
  • Calls for Papers and Other Announcements       

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