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Science Fiction Studies is published three times a year (March, July, November) by SF-TH Inc. at DePauw University. The Science Fiction Studies Website publishes abstracts of all articles, as well as the full texts of all reviews, historical documents, and selected essays appearing in the journal since its founding in 1973 by R.D. Mullen. We maintain a three-year blackout before reviews published in the journal appear on the website. Full texts of articles are posted three years after an issue has been sold out.


SFS # 122:

including Brian J. McAllister on Edwin Morgan’s SF Poetry;  George M. Johnson on Threatening Children in Two Edwardian Speculative Satires; Andrew Lison on Form, Contingency, and Adornian Volition in The Man in the High Castle; Carl Gutiérrez-Jones on Neuromancer and Artificial Intelligence;  Nicholas Serruys on Élisabeth Vonarburg’s Bridge Cycle”; Sean McQueen's " Biocapitalism and Schizophrenia Rethinking the Frankenstein Barrier”; Aaron Santesso on Fascism and Science Fiction; Ewa Mazierska and Eva Näripea on Gender Discourse in Eastern European SF Cinema.     


Congratulations to Lysa Rivera on winning the 2013 Pioneer Award for her essay, "Future Histories and Cyborg Labor: Reading Borderlands Science Fiction after NAFTA" in SFS #118



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Archived issues of SFS (from 1973 onward) are available on JSTOR to participating institutions.


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