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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
10/7/16 11:35 pm10/7/16 11:35 pmBishop Roberts HallFire alarmPull station, alarm reset
10/7/16 11:11 pm10/7/16 11:11 pmNature ParkUnoccupied vehicle at Nature ParkMade contact with student who left the vehicle at the Nature Park
10/7/16 9:28 pm10/7/16 9:28 pmCampusSuspicious vehicleUnable to locate the vehicle
10/7/16 9:09 pm10/7/16 9:09 pmMason HallReport of marijuana smellUnfounded
10/7/16 8:48 pm10/7/16 8:48 pmLongden HallReport of marijuana smellUnable to locate source
10/7/16 2:34 pmunknown GCPATheftReport taken, under investigation
10/7/16 10:10 am10/7/16 Humbert LotMotorcycle fell overOfficer up-righted motorcycle, very little damage
10/7/16 12:40 am10/7/16 12:40 amAlpha Tau OmegaLoud musicPro active contact made by Officer, DePauw dining sign recovered from porch.
10/7/16 12:40 am10/7/16 12:40 amHumbert HallWelfare check, medicalTransported to hospital by ambulance
10/6/16 11:52 pm10/6/16 Alpha Tau OmegaRock thrown through windowReport taken