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Reported Occurred Location Type of Activity Disposition
1/27/17 2:07 pm1/27/17 2:07 pmOff CampusAssist GPD-Traffic Stop/Drug Violation-Possession of MarijuanaOne Student Forwarded to Prosecutor's Office and Community Standards Committee for Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia/ One Student Forwarded to Community Standards Committee
1/27/17 9:34 am1/27/17 9:34 amAnderson St. HallFire AlarmAccidental Set off by Facilities Management/ Alarm Reset
1/27/17 1:10 am1/27/17 1:10 amHogate LotSuspicious ActivitySubjects Located/Verbal Warning Issued
1/26/17 10:34 pm1/26/17 10:34 pmOff CampusAssist GPD-BatterySubject Arrested by GPD
1/26/17 8:17 pm1/26/17 Locust/Hanna Sts.Suspicious Vehicle-Delayed ReportOfficer Checked Area/Unable to Locate Vehicle
1/26/17 5:19 pm1/26/17 5:19 pmMontgomery HallInvestigate for Odor of MarijuanaForwarded to Campus Living/ Unable to Locate Source
1/26/17 3:09 pm1/26/17 3:09 pmDelta GammaWelfare CheckSubject Located/Checked Okay
1/26/17 2:55 pm1/26/17 2:55 pm412 S JacksonFire AlarmCooking/Alarm Reset
1/26/17 9:31 amunknown CampusStudent ConcernReport Filed/ Forwarded to the Title IX Office
1/26/17 1:48 am1/26/17 1:48 amLocust St.Suspicious ActivityOfficer Checked Area/ Unable to Locate Subjects